Land Rover LR2 Engine

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The Land Rover LR2 is semi-luxury vehicle which is considered to be a crossover with the provision of seating five passengers. The price tag for the Land Rover LR2 starts from $30,000 which places it above the low-end cost SUV. It is also considered to be the upgrade replacement of the old model of Land Rover LR2 known as Freelander. The Land Rover LR2 was first launched in the year 2005. It was launched at the splashy auto show in London. The LR2 influenced its sponsorship with the women’s tennis show also. Maria Sharapova, the Wimbledon champion did the inauguration of the LR2.



There have been about 5 generations of the Land Rover LR2’s since it was launched in the market as of today. The first generation was in the year 2008. The engine of LR2’s is 3.2 Liter six cylinder inline. This engine is capable of moving the LR2 to 60 mph in just 8.4 seconds.

The first generation of Land Rover LR2 had a 3.2 liter six cylinder inline engine with 230 horsepower. It offered seating for five passengers with limited leg room. Standard was an automatic six speed transmission. Command shift was used for sequential shifting manually. The 3.2 liter six cylinder inline motor interchanges with the BMW M coupe, BMW M roadster cars.

The second generation was released in the 2009. This version of LR2 featured some new standards such as 19 inch alloy wheels made of aluminum with the finishing of sparkle silver and was also offered with an option of shadow chrome finishing as well. From the factory it had dual exhaust which helps with economy and performance. There were no changes with the engine, only the interior and appearance.

The third generation of LR2 was released in the year 2010. This version offered new features such as HD radio which was a part of plus package of HSE and a driver information center with digital clock. This generation used the same 3.2Liter I6 230 HP engine.  Car dealers and mechanics can find used LR2 engines available for sale at ASAP Motors.

The fourth generation of LR2 was released in the year 2011. This version of LR2 was released with some slight updates cosmetically and again used same 3.2 liter motor design with comparable power.