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Land Rover Engines

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The Land Rover is the second oldest four wheel drive vehicle in production. The origin of the Land Rover dates back to 1948 which puts it second in line only to the Jeep. This is a British made vehicle that is now jointly owned by an Indian company and named jaguar Land Rover Group. At one point in time, the company JCB who manufactures excavating equipment made an offer to purchase Jaguar but Ford informed them at Land Rover would have to be included. At that point JCB backed out of the offer.

Over the years, Land Rover has built a wide range of vehicles with different drivetrain configurations and specific purpose of use. At one point in time, Land Rover made vehicles for the military and designed them for easy field repair. More recently, a widely known Land Rover is the Discovery. It was built with off-road use in mind and offered in several different countries. The US market Discovery always used V8 engines but other countries were offered 4 cylinder diesel engines for economy and popularity.

In 1997, the Freelander was introduced but was a short lived model. It was focused on the USA market as a cheaper model than the larger Land Rover and had for the first time a 4 cylinder 2.5 gas engine.  The Freelander had mechanical problems and the market did not respond well so in 2004 the Freelander was dropped from the line.

The third generation Range Rover was introduced in 2002 and took to the market very well. It was built as the flagship SUV for Land Rover and offered high end design, interior options and the best drivetrain Land Rover made. This SUV did extremely well off-road and under normal driving conditions. Later when BMW owned Land Rover, the 4.6 engine was derived from other BMW vehicles but did not perform well in the line.

The latest new SUV from Land Rover is the Evoque. This vehicle was built for a younger generation with new aggressive lines and more of an affordable price. For the first time Land Rover made a vehicle that was not a specifically made for off-road use but is better suited for the highway.

Item Name

Land Rover LR2

The Land Rover LR2 is semi-luxury vehicle which is considered to be a crossover with the provision of seating five passengers. The price tag for the...

Land Rover LR3

The Land Rover LR3 was manufactured from the year 2005 to the year 2009. Originally it was offered with HSE and the SE trim packages. The SE model...

Land Rover LR4

The Land Rover LR4 is considered to be the fourth generation vehicle for the premium midsized SUV’s designed and manufactured by Land Rover. It...