Lincoln Navigator Engine

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The Lincoln Navigator first used a 5.4 engine from the famous Ford F-150 truck line. The 5.4 motor was used as part of making the Navigator a flagship in the full size SUV market. This SUV was full size and fully loaded with tons of factory options. Lincoln marketed it as a steel tuxedo and it was very popular in its first years. In 2000 Lincoln offered a 5.4 DOHC engine to the Navigator. The original 5.4 motor have lots of problems and Ford was replacing them like crazy under warranty.




In 2003 Lincoln released the 2nd generation Navigator. This model included an upgraded 3 valve 5.4 engine and it was tons of trouble. A huge issue people had with the 5.4 motor is when removing a spark plug, the end of it would break off and fall into the cylinder. This would mean the technician would have to remove the head to get the piece out. The problem was so prevalent Ford designed a special tool to remove the spark plugs. This SUV also got an upgraded 5.4 DOHC motor that offered better performance than the SOHC version.

The final generation to date started in 2007 for the Navigator. The engine used was a redesigned 5.4 engine that finally became more reliable than its predecessors. This engine was also used in the Ford Expedition as well as the F-150. In 2015 Lincoln began using the 3.5 Eco-boost engine. This little V-6 engine is turbocharged and it produces 300 horsepower so you get great power and good economy as well. So far the Eco boost has been very reliable and widely used across the market. Ford is using the Eco boost even in the Mustang which speaks volumes of the track record for this newly introduced engine.