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This is a free locating service for anyone that is looking for a used Lincoln engine. Our service is focused on Lincoln motors that have been removed from recycled automobiles. Some are tested, cleaned, packaged and made ready for shipping. We have a nationwide network of suppliers (Automotive Recycling Facilities) that will process your request and respond to it in a timely manner by the method the customer chooses.



This is a without charge service for anyone that needs a used engine or used transmission. We help locate used Lincoln motors that have been removed from recycled automobiles. We spare you the task of going from junkyard to junkyard climbing over grimy auto skeletons looking for the one engine that you need. Once your email is received, our sources go to work and find you the best match for your Lincoln available. When you fill out your request many vendors will be responding so it becomes a one-stop shopping experience.

A blown up or failed Lincoln motor is a nightmare and our vendors try to ease the pain. A failed motor usually means a rod or piston blew-up and when that happens the engine will let you know. Regardless, replacement Lincoln engines are available and they will be better than the engine that blew-up prior to blowing up. Many vendors offer extended warranties for purchase on the replacement engines which gives the buyer good protection.

Highlights of Our Consumer Service

1) You can complete the form in under 1 minute.
2) You have no obligation.
3) Its free!
4) You will get multiple responses and you can compare offers without ever picking up the phone.
5) You don’t have to drive from recycler to recycler looking to see if they have the right used engine for your vehicle.

ASAP Motors is the place to locate used Lincoln engines for sale. When the motor arrives it would be good to have an expert engine mechanic go over the engine to ensure that the visible examination does not show any flaws. A Lincoln motor is a complicated piece of machinery and there are many features and aspects that would benefit from an examination. The bolts that need to be torqued properly should be checked.


Item Name

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The Lincoln Navigator first used a 5.4 engine from the famous Ford F-150 truck line. The 5.4 motor was used as part of making the Navigator a…

Lincoln Town Car Engine

The first Lincoln Town car engine was a Ford 302 V-8 motor that was used for many years in several types of Ford vehicles like the F-150, Crown…

Lincoln Versailles

The midsize luxury sedan Lincoln Versailles was manufactured by the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company and the production run was limited to…

Lincoln Zephyr

The midsize entry level luxury sedan of Lincoln Zephyr was later given the name of MKZ. It was manufactured by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor…