Lincoln Town Car Engine

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The first Lincoln Town car engine was a Ford 302 V-8 motor that was used for many years in several types of Ford vehicles like the F-150, Crown Victoria and the Mercury Marquis. The 302 was popular in the Ford Mustang and was offered with different levels of performance based on the buyer’s needs.



In 1986 the Town Car engine was fuel injected so the intake manifold and cylinder heads were updated. These changes were done to meet emission and fuel economy mandates. Later the 4.6-liter engine was used and the 302 was dropped from the Town Car never to return. The 4.6 V-8 was an overhead cam engine but in its early stages was a really troublesome engine.

The later version 4.6 engine was used for performance in the Mustang, the F-150 got 2 different type 4.6 engines, the Romeo and the Windsor models. The Romeo was much more popular than the Windsor, the biggest difference between the 2 types and the width of the upper block so the intakes would not fit each other. The Windsor was built to supersede the Romeo engine.

The Town Car was retired and most people were really surprised by that move by Lincoln and Ford. This was the flagship luxury car for both automakers and was a good selling vehicle. Also, no other car maker had a vehicle to compete with the size, not including wheelbase but also interior space. The Town Car was a rear wheel drive monster that could seat 7 people if needed not including luggage. The Crown Victoria was the best car most municipalities ever used, the engines were durable, the car was safe and had the room to add any features law enforcement might need for everyday use. Other government agencies also adopted the Crown Victoria for use but Ford stopped production some years back.