Lincoln Versailles Engine

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The midsize luxury sedan Lincoln Versailles was manufactured by the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company and the production run was limited to three years from 1977 to 1980. During this period of time 50,156 cars were sold. Ford Motor Company manufactured this car to compete with the European makes such as the Mercedes Benz E class, BMW 3 Series and also the local Cadillac Seville. The car was a four door sedan that was made on the same lines as the Mercury Monarch and Ford Granada sharing many of the same mechanical parts.



The Lincoln Versailles was available with two engine options. One was the powerful 5.8 liter Windsor V8. The other one was an in-line 6 cylinder engine with a capacity of 4.9 liters. Due to poor sales in 1980 the Versailles was discontinued. However, the Continental, a more popular platform Ford built became the midsized car matching the size of the Versailles in 1982. Used Versailles engines are easy to locate using the services at ASAP Motors.

In 1979 Lincoln Versailles was given a face lift. It got a vinyl roof which was set on a fiberglass cap. Also, it was fitted with halogen head lamps. This is the first time an American car got halogen head lights. This car also became the first motor car to offer clear coat paint which the motor industry follow suit very quickly. These improvements resulted in sales escalating to 21,000 in 1979 but in 1980 it dropped to just 4,000.

In its entire production run, the Versailles used only the two Windsor engine options. In case you need one of these engines for your 1978 Versailles it is not difficult to find an online store that has a Windsor engine for sale. These engines are so durable that they could be used for a long time with little wear and tear. The 5.8 liter engine could generate 135 horse powers at 3500 rpm and the 4.9 liter motor could produce 133 horse powers at 3600 rpm.

At the time Ford stopped production of the model, the prototype for the model year 1980 was already available but the company didn’t want to continue sales. Not until 1982, Lincoln made no effort to enter the midsize luxury car market.