Plymouth Horizon Engine

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The Plymouth Horizon was first introduced in the year 1978 within European market.  The first generation Horizon was equipped with 1.4 liter inline-four cylinder engine. In 1979, Horizon was voted as European Car of the Year. The purpose behind the Horizon or Project C2 was to manufacture a five door hatchback for an economy type vehicle with a classy curb appeal. The first generation Horizon soon replaced the rear-engine Simca 1000 and 1100 models. First generation Horizon subcompact models remained in production till the year 1980. If needed, used Horizon engines for sale can be found online at ASAP Motors.



The second generation Horizon was revisited and introduced with minor improvements in the year 1981. Horizons second generation models used 1.3 liter motor. Horizon gave  stiff competition to its then rivals namely Opel Kadett, Volkswagen Golf, third generation Ford Escort and the Vauxhall Astra. The 1981 Chrysler Horizon models were manufactured with FWD three speed automatic transmission units and matched torque convertor for better performance and mileage.

The Horizon series two was launched with added features in the year 1982. The third generation Horizon got additional power for the engine and was offered a five speed gearbox.  The 1982 Horizon models came with 1.5 liter engines, and torsion-bar suspension. The solitary power for third generation Chrysler Horizon was three speed FWD automatic transmissions. The transmission came with a redesigned torque converter. It remained in production till 1983.

Plymouth re-introduced the Horizon again in the year 1984. The new concept car Talbot Horizon was launched in the market during this year. The fourth generation Horizon came with a full cream leather interior and sporty body kit. The car Turbo Horizon was manufactured with 2.2 liter inline four engines and same three speed FWD automatic transmission.

The Horizon was again updated in the year 1985. The fifth generation models came with different interior trim and 1.9 liter diesel engines. The diesel option was never offered in the USA. In 1985 the Horizon was equipped with FWD 3 Speed Automatic Transmission units and remained heavily in production till the beginning of 1987. By the end of 1990, Plymouth Horizon was replaced by the Peugeot 309.  Peugeot 309 was developed in United Kingdom and was originally meant to be sold as the Talbot Arizona.