Plymouth Engines

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Plymouth was a major player when they started producing automobiles back in 1928. This was Chrysler’s first attempt to sell a lower priced vehicle on the mass market. They jumped in with players like Chevrolet and Ford and held their ground for years. The engines used in Plymouth vehicles were also offered in Dodge cars and trucks. Plymouth sales could be depended on during the Great Depression. Sales of the Plymouth were offered at Chrysler, DeSoto and Dodge dealerships.



In the 70’s most of the Plymouth cars offered were the Acclaim, Laser, Volare and Breeze. Some of these were eventually rebadged with Dodge or Mitsubishi models and even Eagle. It was still marketed as a mid-level vehicle for people looking for value but sales still fell at a steady rate.

By the mid-nineties only 4 automobiles were left in production, the Neon, Breeze, Voyager and Prowler, the rest of the models had been retired. During peak sales, Plymouth made more than 900,000 vehicles a year, this was back in the 70’s but after 1990 rolled around, sales never exceeded 200,000 in a calendar year. The name last its value and that was shown with the mini-van sales. Both Dodge and Plymouth offered the same style and packaged mini-van but Dodge always out sold Plymouth by a margin of 50% or greater.

Finally as sales continued to fall, Plymouth still got the Neon from 2000-2001. This was an attempt to boost sales. Plymouth also has a concept vehicle called the Prowler. However, Dodge ended up building and marketing the vehicle as Plymouth was deemed a lost cause. The Neon was rebadged for Dodge but Plymouth kept sales for the Neon in Canada. The Plymouth Breeze was discontinued in the year 2000 just before Chrysler came out with the Sebring sedan and Dodge rolled out the rebuilt Dodge stratus.


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