Alfa Romeo GTV6 Engine

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The great Alfa-Romeo GTV6 was produced from the year 1981 to 1986. As the years passed there were some modifications but they had no much impact on the performance of the car. The manufacturers of these cars were Alfa Romeo who is very famous for managing the car weight to give it a great handling.



When the first version of this car was released, it got very good reviews, it had a bulged hood to make room for the top of the intake to clear and it also added styling. The same SOHC V6 2.5 Liter engine was also incorporated in the old Alfa 6. The two cars were built only with limited availability. They were named as Balocco which is named after Italian test track Balocco adddc nd Maratona. Both the cars were furnished with 2.5 liter engine which were almost identical. In the year 1982 only 350 cars were manufactured and it was made available in red color only. Maratona was produced for 150 units and did not have any major changes. Maratona was very famous for the aerodynamic kit which was no available for any other Alfa-Romeo GTV6 models. The GTV went with several upgrades for cabin comfort and exterior styling in the year 1984. These cars were competition to the Toyota Camry as same size engine was also offered. One can find these 2.5 liter used GTV6 engines for sale on online using the free motor locating service.

About 750 cars were produced in South Africa in the year 1986, after that production was halted. The year 1987 was an exciting year for this car as 3.0 Liter GTV-6 was incorporated in the Alfa-Romeo GTV6 for the first time. Around 200 cars were produced in the same year in Africa for export. The design of the car was almost similar to 2.5 liter V6 cars and after a few years twin turbo version was available from the automaker. This new cars had 50% more power compared to the older versions which made it hit the top list in the sales. These used GTV6 motors are made available for sale in many online car stores. Some of the cars like Ford Mustang, Mitsubishi 3000GT, and several lineups of Nissan cars used the same size engine creating competition for the market.