Chevy Aveo Engine

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Introduced in the year 2002 Chevy Aveo was a subcompact car manufactured by GM Daewoo in South Korea but the engine used was USA. Later they were manufactured by other companies affiliated to General Motors too. It was marketed under five different brands in 120 countries. Its main competitors were Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta and Toyota Yaris.



The first generation of Chevy Aveo was manufactured from 2002 to 2011. Chevy Aveo had a 1.2 liter S-TEC II engine. This motor was updated in 2005 to make it a DOHC one and also its timing belt was replaced with a timing chain. There was another option of 1.6 liter E-TECII engine for the same car. This was updated with a new GENIII Ecotec Family 1 engine. There are online sources where you have a good used Aveo engine for sale.

Production of second generation of Chevy Aveo started in 2011 and is still continuing. The new Aveo is marketed with the brand name of Chevrolet Sonic in many countries. Its engine is a four cylinder inline 1.8 liter LUW Ecotec l4 one. It produces 135hp and a torque of 125lb.ft. The transmission for this motor is a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic. This engine has a timing belt to drive its camshaft. It used a 1.8 liter Ecotec  engine that are available for sale in case you need a replacement engine for your car.

There is also a 1.4 liter version of the same motor that is able to generate 138hp and a torque of 148lb.ft. It is equipped with a timing chain and is coupled to a 6 speed manual transmission. Customers had the opportunity to choose when buying a Sonic with one of these motors they wanted.

For ASEAN market the Aveo is produced in Thailand with its new name of Sonic used for this particular area. It is available as a five door hatch back and a four door sedan. These cars are fitted with 1.4 liter engines and are equipped with 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmissions.

Sonic manufactured in Thailand also comes with a 1248cc diesel motor with either 5 speed or 6-speed manual transmission. Five-speed model produces 74 hp and its torque is 140lb.ft. The 6-speed model produces 94hp and a torque of 155lb.ft.