Mazda 6 Engine

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The Mazda 6 (different that the Mazda6) engine comes in different liter sizes depending on the year model of your car and the options it was equipped with during build out. The most popular Mazda 6 engine was the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder DOHC type. It is used for the lower end model to help hold cost down and offer better fuel economy. The upgraded engine Mazda offered for the Mazda6 is their 3.7-liter 6-cylinder built from the ground up to give the more aggressive buyer better performance. Some people just love to hit gas getting on the freeway and be pushed back in the seat! When an auto manufacturer builds an engine, some will use it in different models to hold down production costs, and sometimes they do not.

The Mazda 6 V6 engine is also used in the Mazda CX-9. The CX-9 is a crossover but the 3.7 engine had the power needed to get this vehicle moving down the road in no time flat. An interesting note would be an example of an engine built for only one vehicle for an auto manufacturer. The Lexus LS430 is a V8 engine built by Toyota but only used in the LS vehicle, no other Lexus uses this engine. The Lexus SUV that is built to be the same size as the LS430 is the LX470. However, the Lexus LX470 uses a 4.7-liter V8 engine. Some people think they could interchange the 2 engines but they are designed totally different from the ground up. Even the cylinder heads and cam assemblies are different. The LS430 offers better performance but the 4.7-liter has more torque making for a more versatile off-road vehicle.