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Used Mazadas engines are readily available, cheap and easier than ever to find. We have an extensive database of inventory and a team of automotive recycling centers ready to help you find a used Mazada engines for sale. Our easy to use engine search service can help anyone find the right used Mazda engine in a matter of minutes. Use the form above to start searching junkyards, salvage yards and other reliable vendors for a used Mazada engines for sale. Our used Mazda engines vendors will then contact you with multiple offers for your Mazda Cosmo, Millienia or Protégé and many other Mazda models.


Here are just a few Mazda engines we have helped users find in the past.

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Finding a Mazda replacement engines is easier than ever and we have developed an innovative search service that makes it easy for you to compare multiple offers. We are able to locate models like the Mazda 626, Mazda Miata and the Mazda Millenia. The only thing you need to do is take 1 minute and fill out our easy form to make sure our computers provide you the right replacement Mazda used engine you put in your car. We will then contact you with multiple offers. Mazda replacement engines for sale are out there, you just have to know where to look.



Item Name

Mazda 6 Engine

Buying a used Mazda Mazda 6 engine online it only a click away! ASAP Motors has the largest database of used Mazda engines at its disposal and will…

Mazda Mazda3 Engine

Mazda Mazda3 used engines are ready ship when you need to replace the engine in your car. ASAP Motors helps you get back on the road in no time flat…

Mazda Mazda6 Engine

If you are in shopping for a used Mazda Mazda6 used engine ASAP Motors is a great solution to help getting you back on the road fast! We have a…

Millenia Engine Engine

The 2.3L V6 Miller Cycle engine was only available in the Mazda Millenia during the Millenia’s time. The Miller Cycle engine was a four-stroke…

Mazda B2000 Engine

 The Mazda B2000 was brought to the US market 1985 through 1987. It was an updated model with a total redesign from the 1984 and earlier version…